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The latest...

It's been a minute. Here's the latest happenings:

"Circuit Breakers" is out on Apple TV +. The sci-fi anthology series, directed by Matt Hastings (The Handmaid's Tale, Shadowhunters).

"White House Plumbers" - working on a super cool limited series for HBO, about the Watergate break-ins.

Starring Woody Harrelson, Justin Theroux, Kathleen Turner, Ike Barinholtz, and Judy Greer and directed by David Mandel. Coming in Spring 2023.

"Sweetwater" - Jeff is scoring this drama film about the first African-American NBA player. Starring Jeremy Piven, Kevin Pollak, Cary Elwes, Richard Dreyfuss, and Eric Roberts. Directed by Martin Guigui. Co

ming to theaters in April 2023.

"Players" - this action/comedy directed by the incomparable Trish Sie (Pitch Perfect 3) is coming to Netflix in Spring 2023.


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